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The podcast market is saturated. However, access to a talk radio podcasts network provides direct access to an audience that helps your show thrive. Organizations such as Helium Radio give access to millions of active audience members.

How hard is it to get podcast listeners?

Digital media is booming. In 2018, nearly 660,000 podcasts aired. Shows exist on every platform on almost every topic.

With so much content, it is crucial to find your audience and target your show towards these listeners. Search engine optimization, websites, and social media platforms are useful tools to help create a listener base. Digital marketing services offer these services at reasonable fees.

Despite the existence of agencies capable of creating a brand and campaign, your visibility is significantly hindered without organic online traffic. Search engines such as Google rely heavily on your brand in rankings. With only 29 percent of web surfers reaching the second page of results and AdWords conversion rates as low as three percent, it is necessary to engage and grow audience members directly.

The task of growing an audience does get simpler. Most podcast listeners promote and stick with your show if they like your content. Eighty percent of listeners tune in for every episode with more returning periodically or for parts of a show.

Remaining active in the community is not always an option. Some shows are meant to be broad, reaching a national scope. Distribution networks offer to lower the barrier to entry in the market and grow a large set of dedicated users.

What are the costs of promoting a talk radio show or podcast?

Digital marketing is a multi-channel effort. Promotion spans social media, websites, and even your community. Without even one key element, your campaign can falter.

Modern content and search platforms are difficult to manipulate. Black hat practices ensured that some previously available tactics no longer work. It is now not advisable to stuff blogs pointing to your show or bylines with specific keywords. Such penalties means that it may be necessary to hire promoters and marketing agencies to help grow an audience.

Overall, costs may exceed available budgets. The typical website can cost up to $50000 per year while marketing agencies often charge thousands of dollars for research and promotion.

Distribution networks offer a platform and what no other option can. They provide direct access to an audience. Such access directly lowers the barrier to entry and significantly streamlines operations. Clients can promote their social media, drive organic traffic to their website, and create more listeners as their rankings improve on search engines.

How can I find a good distribution network?

Distribution networks need to provide access to relevant content and a solid user base. Helium Radio maintains over 4,000,000 active listeners. Our dedicated channels and resulting visibility mean that your message is heard. Our clients include cities, artists, and companies looking to promote their image.

If you are interested in gaining access to a large network of dedicated users, contact us today to take part in our extensive talk radio podcasts network.

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