Live Streaming

Reach a global audience and maximize your impact.  

Webcast Your Event Worldwide

Live streaming your event is the easiest and most effective way to reach a world wide audience of potential viewers.

The ability to affordably broadcast your event around the world has only become possible in the past few years. Your event can now be delivered to your ideal audience, where ever they may be.

Conferences, Seminars & AGMs

Leverage your live event by inviting viewers from around the world to join you virtually, and create more opportunities for training, educating and inspiring your audience.

From one camera to a full production team, you can count on us to reliably capture all the action and create an engaging experience for your viewers online.

Social Media Broadcasting

Grow your brand awareness and engagement with your audience through social media, such as with product launches, contests, Q&A, or a look behind the scenes.

Social Media Live Streaming Platforms Include:
· Facebook
· Instagram
· YouTube
· LinkedIn

Audience Engagement Tools

Engaging your attendees by simulating the in person experience, with live chat and other tools to communicate with other attendees and the presenter.

Live streaming features include:
• Custom landing and viewing pages
• Live Q&A
• Public chat and live polls
• Track when viewers come and go in realtime
• Plus many more!

Live Stream Monetization

Imagine a simple way to generate additional revenue from your event, maximizing the many thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours you have invested, with virtually no additional effort. 

Live streaming your seminar, conference or workshop is an easy and lucrative way to double or triple your audience without expensive venue fees, and to reach new geographical markets.

Detailed Stream Analytics

Reviewing live stream analytics following your broadcast allows you to evaluate the performance of your stream by analyzing details like viewership, engagement levels, and average watch time. This information helps you gauge the success of your stream and make data-driven decisions for future events. Analytics also provide valuable insights into audience behavior, such as viewer retention rates, drop-off points, and the most engaging segments of your stream.

Understanding how your audience interacts with your content enables you to refine your strategy, improve the viewer experience, report to stakeholders and create more engaging live streams in the future. Additionally, analytics data can assist with monetization efforts, provide audience demographics for targeted content, and allow for benchmarking and comparison between different live streams.

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