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Welcome to carolinemalouf PHOTOGRAPHY. I am an experienced photographer in Los Angeles with a large portfolio featuring both boudoir photography and glamour photography. I routinely work with new models to help them launch their careers. As an aspiring model, choosing the right photographer is the key to your success in this very competitive niche. You've got the goods already, but a talented and experienced photographer who has the skills and the knowledge to help you package those goods properly is a partner you can't afford to go without!

With many years of established professional photography and a track record of success, I have captured countless models and everyday women with both glamour photography and boudoir photography over the years. I specialize in bringing out the natural beauty of the women that I work with, using the best insights, hacks, and techniques to achieve Hollywood-level portraits. I have my own studio with countless props and all of the makeup you will need.

Are You Interested in Boudoir Photography or Glamour Photography?

If you are interested in glamour photography, then I assume that you have at least some experience with posing in front of cameras and that you are determined to make modeling your career. You may be interested in posing in various states of dress or undress, depending on your specific goals. I am happy to accommodate and help you. With your model spirit and my experience behind the camera, we can capture the portraits that give you the best chance for success.

Boudoir photography is an empowering form of photography for everyday women who are not looking to use their portraits to advance their modeling careers. You can think of boudoir photography as a sort of personalized phototherapy that changes your perspective on yourself. Many women go through life with all kinds of insecurities because of how society defines beauty and because of the expectations that society places on them.

Let Me Capture You at Your Best

I specialize both in boudoir photography and glamour photography because I enjoy empowering women to reach their personal and professional goals. I am passionate about what I do, and there is nothing else on earth that I enjoy more than photographing my clients. If you are interested in glamour photography, and you have your own brands, swimwear, fashion, clothing, lingerie, etc., then I am the perfect photographer for you! When it comes to posing, makeup, props, etc., there is no glamour photographer in LA better than I! Please, see my glamour photos portfolio.

For my boudoir photography, clients, I equally love having a positive impact on their lives. I am also experienced in and passionate about creating meaningful, memorable experiences for everyday women. Contact me so we can discuss your sexy photography goals.

Caroline Malouf for Glamour Photography in LA

Feel free to contact me by simply clicking on the Menu button at the top of this website. Here, you will find my phone number and email address. If I happen to miss your call, I will be in touch with you ASAP. Just leave a message and tell me when the ideal time to contact you is.

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